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Sleepover Package Prices

Our 'Sweet Dreams' sleepover package for 4 guests is £198. Please visit our pricing and packages page for details Once you click on the sleepover package you would like you will be able to view all of our available extras as well as adding on extra tents.

How can I check if my date is available?

To check out our availability, select any of our packages via you will then be given the option to select your date. If your chosen date is half highlighted that means that we still have availability however there are other bookings on that date so we only have limited spaces. However, if your date isn't highlighted then no problem, we are free and would love to take your booking. If however, you are booking for more than 8 people, please send us an email to double check as we are able to cater up to 4 parties a weekend, but it depends on the size of the party.

What Area's Do You Cover

We are so excited to have recently launched into Essex and Bristol. So we are now able to cover and create parties throughout London, Essex and Bristol including surrounding areas (Clevedon, Portishead, Nailsea & Backwell)

What different themes do you do?

CJ at Muddy Boots LOVES everything design and tries to make every sleepover unique. We can create you a magical girly theme with either unicorn, swan or fairy elements. Our tropical design with floating butterflies, turquoise bedding with tropical birds and ivy and rose garlands climbing the tents and our 'Into The Wild' theme for the boys, with an orangutang climbing the tent, large soft grizzly bear asleep on the side, and foliage throughout the theme. Whatever theme you choose, we will make sure it is a magical adventure for your little one and their friends.

What ages are your sleepover parties for?

Our sleepover packages are designed for ages 6-10, however, we do quite often cater for 11-year-olds, as they don't want to miss out on the action. We also have a daytime package designed for our smallest Muddy Boots party people for ages 4-6 called 'Day Dreams'

How how space does each tent require?

The total space we need for each mattress and tent setup is approximately 70cm x 175cm.